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At the end of every function that is called by a button, the end game function, or function 4, is run to check if the game should end.
Determine a Black Jack as described in #4 above.End hand if the player busts.Y/n replyCard arAt(0 if (replyCard 'y PlayerCard xtInt(13) 1; switch (PlayerCard) case 1: nameCard "ace aces 1; points 11; break; case 2: nameCard "two points 2; break; case 3: nameCard "tree points 3; break; case 4: nameCard "for points 4; break; case 5: nameCard "five.If you enjoyed it, please let me know, I plan to do plenty more of these in the future!Some Coding Standards All code should be in an iife All event handlers should be bound within app.Stand, enter the dealer hit phase as described in #6 above.Is just draws a card for the dealer without drawing one for the player.I wrote the java code in English.The first function is for interpreting the value of both the player and the dealers cards.
Total points: " totalPlayer if (totalPlayer 21) intln You have 21 replyCard 'n whoWins wkw.
When the dealer stands (total is over 16 and under 22) determine winner or push and end the hand.When the hand is over, an alert should indicate who the winner.It contains a series of if statements to check who won the game / if the game should be over.It then either adds or subtracts the bet amount to the players money.Draw(draw paint if (lue 21) tText Gambler busts else if (lue 21) tText Dealer busts else if (lue lue tText Push else if (lue lue tText Gambler wins else tText Dealer wins tText / process a button push public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) if (tSource hitButton).And the only reason I haven't made more than that is because I have chosen to remain at the level of play I currently play for longevity reasons.The last function is the most simple of all the functions and is called when the player hits the stand button.The two functions in this deck are for initializing the deck of cards and for shuffling the deck.Last updated: Fri Oct 20 14:12.Calculate the hand values for both hands.Just think about what you are saying.