borgata casino contest

You would think I walked out of the Casino or had gone somewhere off to the other side and casino de cassis had been gone for hours and someone just happened along and took my money.
The bad thing of it is, I guess I could have stomached that I made somewhat of an error in thinking that I was relaxing in a safe environment. . He called him "michael. .This guy didn't just happen upon me and my machine.World Famous Steel Pier. They state they knew he stole my money but apparently they don't care and they won't even really help you retrieve it and they won't even bother to pick up the phone and call the police. .What I feel should have happened is they figured out how to get the voucher, put in a envelope and put under our door and apologized and that would have been settled.The manager ( or the guy I was led to believe was the manager) jeux a gratter gratuit en ligne only decided to have me right a short summarization of what happened ( he told me to make it short) after I asked several times what they intended on doing about.Limp, watery and dull green. I've never had anything like this happen and I've been to every Casino on the strips more than XX over the years. . If you are laink et terracid roulette playing in a machine on Hollywood property, someone steals your money, the.So, Hollywood, If you haven't already "Burned my rewards account ".
They left,went somewhere else, then another Lady showed.
They won't protect you or your money and they basically told me to get lost and the way they talked to me, I was pretty sure they didn't give a damn about.00 nor actually trying to retrieve. .
Watch your machine and don't expect any help from these people if something criminal happens on their property.I have never been somewhere where I felt bad for being there.It may have been my fault that I became a victim of a professional thief who works out of this casino.It is an iridescent bubble on the surface of our fabulous prosperity.Think about what that says to these Criminals when hollywood Casino allows these people to steal your money, they won't even prosecute, they tell you the money isn't your money any longer, it's the Casinos and they wont even filolice report.Alex Boardman and Jacob Keim presented the idea of an eight foot wide wooden foot walk that would lead from the beach to town.If it is a policy thats fine but please put up a sign visible that says not luggage in casino area and educate front staff to explain that and train the security people to not be rude.You have got to be kidding.