Category: X Factor, posted by Daniel, with X Factor looking like a casino live roulette zahlen foregone conclusion, our hardy commenters have the celebrity jungle exploits to keep them occupied in the run-up to Christmas.
This year, they just dont seem to have been that bothered.
The most interesting moment on the shows occurred just seconds earlier, after Janice was sent home for finishing bottom of the vote.
Simon had spent the first live show admitting many acts were better than he expected, which suggested I) he hadnt known what was happening then either, and II) he thinks this years line-up isnt inspiring.Then Dalton met the Duchess of York, at a charity gala, wearing a gold dinner jacket, and was the centre of attention.The existing content will stay up as a legacy to Daniel.Dermot had said, apparently wondering out loud to himself the same thing we were, as he gathered the two acts to face the decision.Simon admitted: I didnt even know what was happening on the show earlier on, to which Dermot joked, Theyre in the room physically, anyway.Not that producers will have been surprised to lose Shan, judging by the fact that they chose to show a wide-angle shot of all the empty pews on her return to church.Category: X Factor, posted by Daniel, weve rarely had cause to doff our caps to tptb this series, so its nice to have an opportunity to do so the sequence of the first three VTs on Saturday had us chuckling.But, as weve been saying for weeks, this has been the strangest of seasons.We can only admit were as stumped as anyone.In fairness, it actually seemed that they might have had a plan to reboot Acacia and Aaliyah after their singoff appearance last weekend, when the pair and their backing dancers came out dressed in fabric emblazoned with a white-on-red AA logo, with the same.Got to try to keep people watching after last weeks shambles.
United Vibe and Molly looked ill-prepared and slightly broken by the whole X Factor experience, thanking everyone working on the show in a display of Stockholm Syndrome at its finest.
Its impossible to comprehend.
If we were producers wed want Dalton winning, if only because it wouldnt be a great look for the franchise to have the black guy beaten by the clearly less talented white guy.We continue to suspect that sheer laziness is the best explanation for everything were seeing this season: Gios a showman, shall we put him on first with a big production for The Greatest Show?As for Gio, being first on, with fire in the staging, then memoryholed by Dalton, was always going to put him in danger but it makes little sense for them to have wanted to lose Gio at this stage, given his ability to sing and.Continue reading In Memoriam: Daniel Gould.It was a hilarious use of the contrast principle, and a VT that seemed to indicate that producers are expecting Dalton to win and positioning him for this to reflect well on the franchise much like the way Louis Walsh used to helpfully say that.Let us know your continued thoughts on the weekends strange events below.After that, though, the weekend became significantly more confusing, and not just because of the random X Factor gets drunk and does Abba karaoke session.This weekend saw Bella expertly filleted, then the judges neatly orchestrated to minimise the embarrassment of dragging Acacia and Aaliyah through yet another singoff Louis got to look willing to take tough decisions, and Ayda turned on the acting skills to work herself into.Do continue to let us know your thoughts below.Next, Danny met his sister in a near-empty pub, and nobody else paid him any attention.The publication of the voting stats will reveal just how inevitable for how long this result was.It would be a surprise if Dalton isnt also pokemon sun poke pelago isle aphun bossing the vote, and we see no sign so far that producers are anything other than relaxed about the prospect of him winning.If theyd really wanted rid of him, surely they could have rustled up a relative for him to take to a near-empty pub?And then Simon inexplicably pissed on their chips, telling them the whole thing was overproduced.

The impression, accentuated by Wayne Rooneys later appearance in Anthonys VT, was that Brendan had been dragged along to something Louis and Anthony wanted to do because hes the lowest-status member of that group.