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In other words, the winning combination will consist of the 6 Swiss Lotto numbers out poker card layout of 42 possible as well as 1 bonus ball out of the 6 possible Swiss Lotto numbers.
How does it work?And on Saturday.20.m.These numbers were drawn.Winning odds, find below the winning odds breakdown depending on the matched Swiss Lotto winning numbers (CN bonus Chance Number Prize category, match.More in the matrix, how often are consecutive numbers being drawn?The sum of the drawn numbers is between 36 and 201 which gives us an average of 118.5.Latest results, what are the hot, cold and overdue numbers?Prizes over 1,000 francs will be credited directly to your bank account (taxes deducted).
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10 times the range of the Swiss Lotto numbers was.Record jackpots Switzerland Lotto largest jackpot.6 mln francs was reported on won by the lucky player from Berne.It is similar to the so-called contacter axa baccarat Quick Pick option applied in most American lotto games or the Lucky Dip feature used in UK National Lottery and EuroMillions.The lowest value for the wide gap (highest difference between two adjacent numbers) was 5 while the highest value was.And the highest value of the narrow gap was.Hit the world's highest jackpot to date!Chances to hit 6 numbers are one in 5,245,786.Matching all the numbers in the replay game player may use the Quick Tip option for free.While 4 times, the winning numbers were among the neighbors of the numbers drawn in the previous 4 draws.To hike the winning chances in Swiss Lotto, you may opt to play the supplementary Joker game.Priced just 2 francs for a standard game Switzerland Lotto ticket may pay off millions!Swiss Lotto is now applying a double matrix of 6/42 1/6.

During the most recent 100 draws, 42 times no number from one draw was drawn again in the very next draw, while 1 number from some draws have been drawn in the next draw a total of 40 times and 2 numbers came out.