Variables - All Removed the limit of 100 Cases within a single Select.
#ifdef _20X2) - M2 Added #slot to allow second program slot on 14M2, 18M2, 20M2 parts - M2 Added run command to 14M2, 18M2, 20M2 parts - X2 Added push, pop, pushram, popram commands to X2 parts - All Removed the limit of 20 nested.5.0.5 Enhanced basic compiler supports these new commands: - en gosub -.The first argument finally contains the text, that will be split into tokens.Product Details, picaxe Programming Editor 5 (PE5) is obsolete and no longer developed.Exe service before upgrading).2.4 Fixed issue with 28X2 'Clear Hardware Memory' clearing #slot1 not #slot0 Corrected 28X2 compiler issue with 'setint' if port not explicitly specified (now defaults to C) Using #picaxe 28x2 or 40x2 will now cause X2 simulation panel to display only.Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues: - read/write commands not simulating correctly in 18M mode - ptr variable display only showing lower byte value in 28X2 mode - serrxd timeout address now simulates correctly.2.10 Changed AQA assembler to use portA notation rather than portC.
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The Programming Editor 5 supports all picaxe chips and has a full suite of code development features such as: source code colour syntax highlighting auto indentation syntax check and program download code explorer to shown variable, label and constant values full on screen simulation with.5.2.7 Updated and refreshed the Quick Syntax help feature Added 76800 baud rate to Terminal for 20X2 64MHz sertxd support (NB 76800 is not supported on all serial ports but is supported by the AXE027 cable) Added 31250 hserin/hserout baud rate to X2 compilers Adjusted.Pin (aswell as channel number) for readadc commands Updated X2 owin/owout compiler constants to match datasheet values Operators such as max and min now syntax colour code directly Recompiled Sourceview Control (srcvw4.dll) to fix Microsoft ATL Security* vunerability Corrected the following on-screen simulation issues.Refer to the closely related -function, if you do not like this behaviour.Picaxe how to check pokes facebook app PDF Printer Add-on (approx 8MB).Loop in high memory position - 18M2 Corrected issue with pullup x,B command - 18M2 Updated 18M2 compiler memory allocation - All Aligned Programming Editor and AXEpad #ifdef behaviour - M2 X2 'bcdtoascii/bintoascii' now support special word variables such as time - M2 X2 'select.Re-allocated F3 shortcut to 'Find Next' Improved bookmark operation and added shortcut keys Improved line number display on document toolbar to show line and column Added new servopos, pwmduty, hpwmduty commands Fixed comment colour coding of #rem and #endrem when used in upper case Corrected.

MSI uncompressed zip, revision History, current Version:.5.6 PE5 is no longer developed - please use PE6 instead.