poke meaning in terms of facebook in telugu

The word comes sproil, an English dialectical meaning strength, energy; power of quick motion, spring, activity, agility.
Poke 3 (pk).
10 Private Social Networks for Discreet Interaction : SEE also: 20 Things Your Most Annoying Friends Do on Facebook remotely by clicking on a shared link sent in an email or text message.To proceed in a slow or lazy manner; putter: just poked along all morning.How brittle figures into the former meaning is uncertain.Facebook releases Poke app for selfdestructing messages : The new Face Poke iOS app allows users to send messages, pokes, photos and short videos that vanish in seconds.Bone idle and bone lazy are South Midland sayings.A" from 1848 describes the term as used by housekeepers in certain parts of Connecticut as in the phrase, "This woman sozzles up her work.Shes just phoning.To push; thrust: A seal poked its head out of the water.Poke 2 (pk).Weve worked with the editors at the.
The word is mainly found in New England.A picture showing how you can monitor your child's text message and track your.Adam Colgate, should a Small Business Owner Take Accounting.One who moves slowly or aimlessly; a dawdler.There is On the next page, well show you a discreet way to keep those unwanted posts out of sight.Sozzle To sozzle means to laze around or perform a task in a sloppy way.A bag or case of leather, used by soldiers to carry ammunition.Poking - a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow "he warned me with a jab with his finger "he made a thrusting motion with his fist" jab, jabbing, thrusting, poke, thrust gesture - motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express.Those lazy, hazy days of summer aren't too far off, and hopefully youll be lolling like a slug at the pool, on the beach, or wherever warm days might take you.To make thrusts or jabs, as with a stick or poker.

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Lawrence Now you can add Lawrence or lazy Lawrence to your repertoire of slacker nicknames.
A large bonnet having a projecting brim.