pokemon pearl remake

Then a hand cover his eyes.
The others looked red dead redemption win at poker in armadillo and saw the Houndour.
"Hitmontop!" He kicked the tree making the fruit fall down.Around the forest the heroes walks on their journey after Chris decided to go to Pokemon League once beat eight gym leaders."Buneary!" Buneary said as she pat Togepi on the head gently making Togepi squeal in delight.And those names of the two places may hint us that the remake of gen 4 will happen.Chris uses Aaron's Pokedex to see if his new move came and nothing.How about gold and silver?And in the trailer of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we don't see any gen 4 Pokemons.The building in the left side is actually a real building in Hawaii and it's actually the Pearl Harbor actually known in World War.We also have some references to X and Y game to Hoenn.In X and Y, the national mode of the Kalos Pokedex show us a lot of Pokemons BUT Ruby and Sapphire Pokemons mysteriously missing.
Because of this, the Hoenn remakes had to be delayed, hence why we got them following X and.
Will that remake be produced this generation?'After accpeting the Pokemon to be the Pokemon Trainers, Ash and Aaron gonna teach them about being partners and command of the attacks.' Chris setting up training ground here for awhile as he gotten stones, pillars and woods."Yeah, let's see what she and Slugma practice." Chris nodded."That's a first start." Emily watches smiled."Okay Slugma first start things off with Ember!" "Slug!" He breathes.