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Bit bucket The place where bits are discarded.
Mary said that the condensed, Cliff-Noted version was rich bitch.
For a bit more on the initial n in naranja, see the adder entry.In the IPA, that sound is represented by the Greek letter beta.In English, the word subjunctive' is avoided in discussions of both protasis and apodosis, and the discussion is framed in terms of the structure of conditional sentences.This case demonstrates that a single unstressed syllable makes a good emulsifier.A word of Germanic origin, like beer.Baited breath Look, despite what you read in the stupid newspapers and illiterate websites, this is a misspelling.Bibliographie analytique Bibliographie analytique de l'Afrique antique.Given the fact that the British bombing of Germany was weighted toward night-time missions with primarily residential targets, while US missions there were weighted toward higher-accuracy (though still low-accuracy) daytime bombing of industrial capacity, the lighter US bombs should probably not be called blockbusters.
This a technical usage, a term of art among flea marketers (also flee marketers).This book was discovered and promoted by Bob Schieffer, who apparently has nothing better to do for CBS News at his office in Washington,.There was no ambiguity about the meaning in this instance.Loosely speaking: any ol' mesa.The company picks up all or part of the cost.Israel also has a President who is head of state and has only a small, mostly ceremonial role in government.) After just two elections under the new system (1996, 1999 many Israelis figured they had the worst of both systems (US and parliamentary by casting.The problem I have with the original definition is that those who are not otherwise normal' get a free pass, but by now that definition has faded into obscurity.Shaves an entire time-consuming letter off your chat message.Morbid obsession with a perceived flaw in one's appearance.Glassware was one of the earliest manufactures (possibly the earliest) in British America.If you want to be sure, just poke around on the 'net.

I was the first person to notice this.
Our young girls but Violet gives willingly for gold and silver.' This has the advantage that the mnemonics for violet, gold, and silver are Violet, gold, and silver, respectively.
Baac Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.