Give it a listen kids after you've given thanks to the men and women who are willing to serve this country so that back yard barbecues are possible with our only fear being Uncle Fred getting drunk and going face down in the Guacamole.
He told me he loved CarrieAnn and Love at First Sight from Edge of the Century plus all my ballads and that he was looking forward to exposing me to a world wide audience.
I got my first look at the DVD CD in Montreal when Eric from Universal handed me a box of them.After they performed their first song All My Loving I was totally transfixed like some many of the 74 million other who saw the show.2000 "Once Bitten" Tour In 2000 Ian undertook a short UK tour to promote the Once Bitten Twice Shy 2-CD set.White SOX world champs, long time coming, worth the wait.Any inference that this was a confrontation is a lie.Saw Ian tour the UK twice.Sure enough the plot thickens as the ax falls on the arts, very timely I might add.It put keyboards on an equal footing with guitars, I should say nearly because the guitar is truly the instrument of Rock an Roll.I would say more but I'm giddy with excitement.
That should cure them.
That song was so embraced by our friends to the North that it turned Equinox into a multi platinum slogan van holland casino album, our first anywhere in the world.
Primarily because of the smell of the goats and my overall appearance in circus tights, I believe whole-heartedly I've made the correct choice.Random thoughts: I have to confess that I really do like the recording artists, TV and movie sites on You Tube.1990, in 1990 Ian and Mick toured Europe; this was followed poker skyfall by a tour of the.Not only was I unable to continue working on the Hunchback but it affected my ability to tour with my former band.1981, in 1981, Ian appeared at the Milton Keynes festival (as special guest to Thin Lizzy).Poor Issac thought I was mad at him, I was not but I was quite disappointed in his fake boobs and his depilatory issues.The Boston gigs were rescheduled to 10th and 11th February 2018.So I admitted as much to Rocky and added that I was angry with him for fielding such a great team that I had to risk the stress of watching these gut wrenching overtime games unfold.Chuck on guitar, John on drums and me with the squeeze box.